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The Top 7 Additional Services Offered by Professional Carpenters in London

Carpenters are professional woodworkers who are skilled at crafting, repairing, or building any structure or materials made from wood. Carpentry might seem like an old-fashioned profession, especially with the development of synthetic construction materials. However, there is still a high demand for good quality carpentry work in London and many of its surrounding locations. 

Wooden structures still exist in the modern age. Objects like bed frames, tables, dressers, chairs, desks, flooring, and stairs are usually made from wood and require a carpenter to work on them. In London, you can hire a professional carpenter from Carpenter South London (CSL) to do work on your wooden structures. Even though they’re based in South London, they can travel anywhere in London to serve your needs if necessary.

What is really interesting about professional carpenters is they provide more than just basic carpentry services. In order to stay competitive against contractors and professional home renovators, carpenters are also providing more specific home improvement services as well.

Below are the top 7 additional services offered by professional carpenters in London.

1) Painting

Are you looking for painters in Kent or anywhere else in London? If so, then you don’t necessarily need to call a professional painter. If you need some carpentry work done too, you might get a discount on both services by having a carpenter do them for you. Many carpenters can provide painting services to you as well. They can paint your interior and exterior walls or anything else that you need to be painted. 

2) Flooring and Tiling

Whether you’re installing wood flooring or another type of flooring, such as tiling, carpenters are there to help. Carpenter South London has flooring specialists who can install ceramic tiling, vinyl tiling, or wood planks to serve your flooring needs and specifications. 

3) Refurbishments

Refurbishments are necessary for houses or buildings which are old, unattractive or decrepit. Sometimes this means rebuilding the structures or features in the building, especially those made from wood. A carpenter can be hired to renovate the stairways, cabinetry, and drawers wherever necessary. A home refurbishment in Bromley or anywhere else is available through the services of Carpenter South London.

4) Cleaning

Cleaning services don’t refer to picking up papers and trash off the ground. Once you’ve had professional carpenters or craftsmen work on your home or building, there is a lot of debris leftover afterward. You might find a lot of small wooden particles scattered everywhere, and even floating in the air too. Fortunately, carpenters won’t just leave you hanging on this. They can perform a cleaning service where they ensure all the debris is wiped away so that your home is spotless. 

5) Conversions

Loft conversions in Kent or Loft conversions in Bromley are all too common for Carpenter South London. They’ve sent carpenters to residences in these areas of London to work on very impressive loft conversion projects. Many of their carpenters work in conjunction with engineers and architects, depending on the scope and extensivity of the project. 

6) Electrical Services

Carpenters are not electricians, but they do work with electricians on several projects. For instance, if an electrician needs to access the electrical wiring within the walls of a home, especially a home with wooden walls, then a carpenter will be sent to assist in this endeavour. Carpenters will tear out portions of the wall safely and then repair the damage after the electrician is done with their job. This kind of collaboration can be expected whenever you hire an electrician from Carpenter South London. 

7) Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling

The two most popular rooms to remodel in any home are the kitchen and bathroom. You may notice these two rooms have wooden cabinets and drawers in them as well. If you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, then a carpenter will need to be called to build new cabinets and drawers for you. They may work in conjunction with a professional home decorator if you’ve hired one. Otherwise, they’ll make their own suggestions as to the size, shape, and design of the structure they’re constructing for you. 


Do not discredit professional carpenters in London. They are very skilled and a “jack of all trades” type of craftsmen. Sometimes they do all the work themselves, while other times they work with other skilled professionals too. Either way, the job gets down quickly and with the utmost quality. 

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